Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

You may feel that you need financial relief from creditors and debt collectors and are now considering filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While this is an important and difficult decision to make, you still have another decision to make as well that will likely impact the results of your bankruptcy. Choosing a bankruptcy attorney is incredibly important and who you choose will impact whether or not your bankruptcy goes smoothly and easily, and if you have all of your financial legal rights protected. Consider the following as you make this important decision.

Do Not Wait Too Long To Choose

You may feel overwhelmed trying to file for bankruptcy amidst calls from debt collectors and creditors. You may even feel stressed, overwhelmed, and panicked regarding your financial situation. Trying to make an additional choice regarding which bankruptcy attorney to choose to represent you can make this an even more stressful process. Bankruptcy has serious financial and legal consequences, and a good bankruptcy attorney will provide you a great deal of information upfront to help answer your questions regarding your specific situation. If you wait too long to make a decision regarding bankruptcy representation, you could miss certain court dates, or deadlines to file bankruptcy paperwork. Therefore, it is critical that you make our decision as soon as possible after making the decision to file for bankruptcy.

Do Not Only Consider Cost

If you are filing for bankruptcy, the likelihood is that you are already under a great deal of financial stress. You may then make the decision to not have any representation at all. However, a bankruptcy attorney can help you gain as much financial freedom as legally possible in bankruptcy, and therefore, it is almost always to your benefit to consider visiting with a bankruptcy attorney to understand that the cost is well worth the result. However, do not choose a bankruptcy attorney only based on their price. Make sure to look at the services you will need, look at their reviews online, and look at their awards and accolades they have received. Also, look to see what answers they already provide on their website, as many bankruptcy attorneys attempt to answer commonly asked questions through a blog or articles they provide for free. Try to get an overall sense of whether or not you believe that this person has experience and expertise within the bankruptcy field in order to provide you with the best representation possible.

Reach Out to Us Today for Professional Help

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, we would welcome the opportunity to visit with you about how we can help ensure your financial needs are taken care of and that you receive the greatest amount of protection in the process. We are proud of the work we have done to help others in your same situation and would encourage you to contact one of our experienced Jupiter bankruptcy attorneys today at the law offices of Julianne Frank, Esq. at (561) 220-2528 for a free consultation.

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