Business and Commercial Litigation

If you are a business owner, you should take the time to consider the legal disputes that may arise and work to protect yourself before any type of litigation occurs. Commercial litigation, also known as business litigation, can involve many different types of legal disputes that may arise within a business environment. Large and small businesses are all subject to potential lawsuits, and visiting with an experienced business attorney can help ensure that you are legally protected as much as possible, and also provide counsel for any business litigation or arbitration proceedings that may arise.

Business and Commercial Disputes

Both large and small businesses may face litigation at some point. Legal disputes can arise with a multitude of business contacts including consumers, competitors, vendors or vendees, affiliates, current, and former employees, consumers, officers, directors, or any other person that has any interaction with your business. Some of the more common business and commercial legal disputes that occur include the following:

  • Contract disputes
  • Collections
  • Mediation
  • Collections
  • Antitrust matters
  • Unfair competition
  • False advertising
  • Securities/commodities enforcement
  • Shareholder litigation
  • Consumer class actions and protection litigation
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability defense
  • RICO
  • Partnership disputes
  • Regulation inquiries and/or investigations
  • Real estate disputes
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Data breach and cyber theft matters
  • Fraud and deceptive trade practices

Unfortunately, almost every aspect of a business is eligible for some type of litigation. Some of the issues involve federal or state law, administrative law, regulatory law, or arbitration and mediation.

Contract Disputes

The most common business litigation involves disputes surrounding contract law. Business relationships run on contracts and provide a multitude of opportunities to involve disputes. Contract disputes can occur between your business and customers, associates, employees, partners, vendors, and truly anyone that does business in any way with your business. Contract disputes can become extremely disruptive to a business. Ensuring that your contracts are well-drafted and executed is the first step in the prevention of contract litigation. If you still find yourself in a contract dispute, contacting an experienced attorney can help ensure that your business is protected.

Slander, Libel, Defamation, and Cyber-Actions

Your business reputation is by far one of its most important assets.  If you find any false, misleading, or defamatory content regarding your business, it can cause irreparable harm. The internet has allowed negative, false, or defamatory comments to spread rapidly.  If you find you, or your business, faced with false or misleading statements, our experienced attorneys can hold individuals accountable for the damages caused by their statements.

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