Bankruptcy Malpractice

Did you file bankruptcy and experience any of the following?:

  • You had to surrender assets that you did not expect to lose
  • Your filing had a detrimental effect on other members of your family, friends or business associates
  • You had to pay money to the bankruptcy trustee that had not been previously disclosed to you
  • Your discharge was denied or was jeopardized

None of the foregoing should have occurred. If your case had the types of issues and facts that would have led to any of those problems, they should have been uncovered by your lawyer and discussed with you before your case was filed.

If you experienced any of those issues, you should not feel alone and you should know that there is hope. Malpractice by bankruptcy lawyers is on the rise click here to read theories as to why.

YOU MAY HAVE RECOURSE. Call me now to discuss your situation.