About Wills, Trusts And Estates

Will or Last Will and Testament: Allows you to make sure your heirs get exactly what you want them to have. You can have a document called a “Separate Writing” that you can change whenever you want, without legal formality, dictating where your personal items will go. Call me to discuss the Separate Writing 561-320-7971

Trust: Trusts take many forms, and we determine which bests fits your needs. You can create them now or upon your death. They can minimize taxes, probate expenses, protect assets, and can assure that money goes to heirs in phases over time. Trusts can be affordable. Call me to discuss yours 561-320-7971

Estate Planning: I will help you understand the ways that tax and collection laws can impact your estate, and explain options for minimizing taxes, protecting assets, and preventing fighting among heirs. Call me to discuss your estate or asset protection plan 561-320-7971

Living Wills and Health Surrogacy: What if you are incapacitated such that you cannot make the call whether to continue life support or other treatment? Even your spouse may not be able to make that call if you have not memorialized your intentions. Call me to discuss Living Wills. 561-320-7971