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Jupiter Asset Protection Lawyer

You work and slave your whole life to build a home for your family or to build a business, but all that you have earned and strived for can be lost in an instant if it isn’t well-protected. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual in a divorce or a car accident, a business owner in a slip & fall or the holder of a professional license accused of malpractice, having unprotected assets makes you an appealing target for lawsuits and creditors. As an individual and business bankruptcy specialist with over 35 years of experience in South Florida business law and wealth preservation, Jupiter asset protection lawyer Julianne Frank is the lawyer with the expertise you need to draft and implement a strategic, effective asset protection plan for your personal and professional assets. An experienced litigator, Julianne Frank is the one to not only set up your plan, but she is also the one to defend it when necessary. Call Julianne Frank Law in Jupiter to discuss your best options for asset protection.

Understanding Entities

The art of asset protection planning and structuring involves more than just an understanding of the realities of the American legal process involved in the collection of debts. To successfully insulate assets, one must also understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of entities that can be used in planning. Julianne Frank Law can advise and assist you in a wide range of asset protection instruments and entities, including:

Asset Protection Trusts – Put your valuable assets out of reach from creditors without affecting your ability to benefit from their value with an offshore or domestic self-settled asset protection trust, created by a skilled and knowledgeable estate planning attorney who understands the benefits and consequences of an irrevocable trust on your estate.

Family Limited Partnerships – Establish a clear line of business succession while protecting your business from attacks by creditors, excessive taxes and probate expenses.

Limited Liability Companies – Protect your personal assets from business creditors through an LLC, where your liability is limited to the extent of your investment in the company. Consider obtaining insurance for personal and business property, obtaining credit for the LLC and managing how much money is cached with the company, and establish clear boundaries for the LLC as a separate entity.

Medical Asset Protection Trusts – Put away funds for the future without jeopardizing eligibility for Florida Medicaid should you ever find yourself in need of a nursing facility or other long-term care.

Special Needs Trusts – Make sure a loved one with special needs is provided for without endangering eligibility for valuable government benefits through a well-crafted supplementary needs trust.

Prenuptial Agreements – It’s simply a fact that about 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Protect your business interest or other valuable property by deciding in advance how property will be divided or how alimony will be paid in the event of divorce.

Going Offshore

Sometimes offshore planning is appropriate, so it is important to be familiar with the locales that best serve as protective havens, including having a thorough understanding of their legal systems. Importantly, one must also understand the interaction between international legal systems, including civil, banking, political, criminal and tax systems as well as the treaty status between America and the selected haven.

Before turning your money over to complete strangers thousands of miles away, ask yourself the following questions: Does your lawyer have a direct working relationship with professionals in the selected nation? Is the proposed plan so complicated that you do not fully understand it? Is the planner prepared to defend the plan in a court of law? If your answers to these questions make you uncomfortable, bring your concerns to Julianne Frank Law. We’ll make sure any offshore plan is well-structured and serves your interests.

Skilled, Professional and Dedicated Legal Help in Asset Protection

Few industries are more fraught with tension, mystery and misinformation than the asset protection industry. Contact Julianne Frank Law to speak with an experienced Jupiter asset protection lawyer who has the knowledge and skill to create your plan and the commitment to stand behind it.

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