Today, the Supreme Court ruled that if you were in Chapter 11 from 2018 to today, you may be entitled to a refund.

Chapter 11 debtors have to pay quarterly fees to the system for the right to stay in Chapter 11. Those fees are based on the money being outlaid by the debtors. The fees substantially increased in 2018. Circuit City (remember them?) was in Chapter 11 in 2018 and the quarterly fees were big, and then got bigger when the increase kicked in. So they sued. The argument was that the fee increase did not apply uniformly across the country because of regional differences in the bankruptcy system.

Today, the Supreme Court agreed. In its ruling in Siegel v. Fitzgerald, 21-441 (Sup. Ct. June 6, 2022) it said the fee increase was unconstitutional. The Court sent it down the lower federal courts to craft a remedy, which probably means debtors will be allowed to sue or file claims for refunds.

We want to help you get those funds. If your Chapter 11 was in the 11th Circuit, we will handle your case on a contingency. Call today for a free consultation if you believe you are one of these potential claimants.