Why Start a Business in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

You want to start a business in Florida. Have you considered where to situate your business so as to maximize your potential for success?

To pinpoint exactly where business owners can find success in the Sunshine State, the finance and business informational site NerdWallet analyzed 268 places with populations of 10,000 and using data from the US Census Bureau, and a proprietary formula (which they disclose), they evaluated the best places to start a business in Florida. They calculated the overall score for every location based on the city’s business climate and economic health.

Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens were high on the list. They reflected high personal income in the area, high average revenues per business, and good rates of success. Florida in general has many resources for start-ups.  Enterprise Florida, the state’s economic development organization, connects small businesses in the state with training and business development opportunities as well as financing options. Another great place to go if you are launching a start-up is Florida VEC, an organization that provides an online directory of resources and ways for new entrepreneurs to connect. Check them out at www.flvec.com.

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