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Jupiter Bankruptcy Lawyer > Blog > Bankruptcy > The Stable Genius: Why Trump Will Never Again Face Bankruptcy

The Stable Genius: Why Trump Will Never Again Face Bankruptcy


Julianne Frank ©   All rights reserved   2020

Donald Trump is the stable genius he claims to be. After all, here is  a guy whose real estate failures and business bankruptcies exceed those of all the other moguls of history, whose self help get rich school was closed for fraud, and whose seed capital came not from the toil of his labors but from his sugar daddy, yet his future is bright.    His genius lies in what he has created and in the fortune it portends.

Long ago, Donald came to understand that  passive income beats the hell of out working;  that  large grosses can emanate from the  licensing of a brand.  Trump One America Network is going to make Fox news look like the BBC.

The epiphany came to our recent leader about two years in. The tweets that pissed off so many brought even more to the fold. He came to understand that his supplicants  may not know how to tweet, but they all had TV’s and the networks were happy to report on his chirping.  The media handed him a gazillion dollars in free advertising. “Thank you God of Twitter”, he prayed.

Donald Trump came to understand that this Presidency thing was pretty damn powerful. He had assumed it was big, but then  came to understand it as  capital B big. Immortality Big. Historical infamy Big.

He knows for certain that Seventy- plus  million Americans are made to feel good about themselves by the current version of his  brand. It is not necessarily the minimally enlightened, who  are perhaps more prone to believe anything he says  because he is   leader of the free world. There is  also a  large contingent of upper crust credentialed citizens  whose President that  did  not make them  feel guilty for their success. And if their success was smoke and mirrors, he was even more suited to be their role model.

He doesn’t have to believe what he says. He only has to make them believe he believes. Or, perhaps he believes what he says, which makes the sales pitch that  much easier. Either way, he knows he has now created  a vast what- we- would -call ‘audience’ and he would call ‘marketplace’. And it is his; all his.

‘At Trump America TV  We Set the TOAN…. Trump One America Network’   Coming soon to your cable provider

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