Protecting Assets

Understanding Entities

I believe that the art of asset protection planning and structuring involves not just an understanding of the realities of the American legal process involved in the collection of debts. To successfully insulate assets, one must understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of entities that can be used in planning.

Going offshore

Sometimes offshore planning is appropriate, so it is important to be familiar with the locales that best serve as protective havens, as well having a thorough understanding of their legal system. As well, one must understand the interaction between international legal systems. Including  civil, banking, political, criminal and tax systems as well as the treaty status between America and the selected haven.

Would you trust your money to complete strangers thousands of miles away? Should your lawyer have a direct working relationship with professionals in the selected nation? Is the plan being proposed to you so complicated that you do not fully understand it? Is that planner prepared to defend the plan in a court of law?

If you do not care about the answers to those questions, you probably do not need me. If you do, why not give me a call and we can discuss your situation? Contact Me

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