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Jupiter Bankruptcy Malpractice Lawyer

In many areas of the law, it is impossible to predict or guarantee a certain outcome, and a dissatisfied client may place the blame on the lawyer’s alleged incompetence or negligence in handling the matter. There are no guarantees in bankruptcy either, but a competent, attentive lawyer will investigate your case at the outset and advise you appropriately about what to expect. If your attorney did a proper job from the start, then there shouldn’t be any unwelcome surprises or adverse outcomes to your case.

If your bankruptcy case didn’t turn out as planned, you may have been the victim of bankruptcy malpractice on the part of your attorney. One way to avoid becoming the victim of malpractice is to hire an attorney who specializes in individual and business bankruptcies so you can be assured your lawyer has the proven knowledge and skills to handle your case appropriately. If you went with another lawyer and believe your case was not done right, a certified bankruptcy expert can also be effective in determining whether malpractice did occur and obtaining money damages and other relief on your behalf.

Jupiter bankruptcy malpractice lawyer Julianne Frank is vastly experienced in the full range of issues that may arise during a bankruptcy proceeding. If you had a case in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida that you believe was mishandled, contact Julianne Frank Law to discuss your concerns.

What is Bankruptcy Malpractice?

Lawyers are licensed professionals who are regulated through rules established by the Florida Supreme Court. These rules of professional conduct require attorneys to conduct themselves ethically and competently. Unfortunately, not all courses of legal representation end satisfactorily, and as a layperson, it can be hard for you to know whether a negative outcome in your case was the result of legal malpractice on the part of your lawyer. There are, however, certain red flags that may indicate your bankruptcy lawyer did not perform according to an acceptable legal standard. For instance, if you filed for bankruptcy and experienced any of the following, your lawyer may have committed malpractice while representing you:

  • You had to surrender assets that you did not expect to lose
  • Your filing had a detrimental effect on other members of your family, friends or business associates
  • You had to pay money to the bankruptcy trustee that had not been previously disclosed to you
  • Your discharge was denied or was jeopardized

None of the foregoing should have occurred. If your case had the types of issues and facts that would have led to any of those problems, they should have been uncovered by your lawyer and discussed with you before your case was filed.

How do You Prove Bankruptcy Malpractice?

Malpractice can occur due to negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, or breach of contract. There are many different ways a bankruptcy attorney may commit malpractice, including failing to know or apply the correct law, making errors in strategy or planning, failing to conduct an adequate investigation, failing to meet deadlines, and failing to adequately inform the client, obtain consent or follow client instructions.

Proving bankruptcy malpractice in court is a two-step process. First, you must be able to prove that your lawyer’s actions were contrary to the way a reasonably prudent attorney would have acted under the same or similar circumstances. Second, you must also be able to prove that your case would have turned out differently if the original lawyer had not committed malpractice. This is why it is so essential to have an experienced bankruptcy specialist represent you in a bankruptcy malpractice action. At Julianne Frank law, we are able to prepare a compelling and convincing case not only that malpractice did occur, but we can also show how the case would have turned out differently with a competent attorney at the helm.

You Have Legal Recourse After Bankruptcy Malpractice. Call Julianne Frank Law in Jupiter to Get It.

Bankruptcy is a complicated area, and not every attorney is capable of handling these complex matters competently and diligently. If you believe your lawyer committed malpractice in your south Florida bankruptcy matter, contact Jupiter bankruptcy malpractice lawyer Julianne Frank Law to have your case reviewed.

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